Journal of Trainology


Journal of Trainology
ISSN 2186-5264

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Vol. 11, No. 1, 2022

An integrated application of practical blood flow restriction in resistance trained individuals
Nic Martinez, John O'Halloran, Marcus W. Kilpatrick, Bill I. Campbell, Samuel L. Buckner
January 2022; Vol. 11, No. 1: Pages 1-6

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Mechanisms mediating increased endurance following high- and low-load training with and without blood flow restriction
Matthew A. Chatlaong, J. Grant Mouser, John P. Bentley, Samuel L. Buckner, Kevin T. Mattocks, Scott J. Dankel, Jeremy P. Loenneke, & Matthew B. Jessee
January 2022; Vol. 11, No. 1: Pages 7-11

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The effects of cognitive and physical training on cognitive performance
Paul D. Loprinzi
May 2022; Vol. 11, No. 1: Pages 12-16

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