Journal of Trainology



May 2022; Vol. 11, No. 1: Pages 12-16

The effects of cognitive and physical training on cognitive performance

Paul D. Loprinzi


Objective: To provide a brief overview of the literature evaluating the individual and combined effects of cognitive and physical (exercise) training on cognitive function. Design and Methods: An overview review approach was employed. Results: Cognitive and physical training, and their combination, can improve various cognitive outcomes (e.g., memory) in several adult populations (e.g., healthy older adults, older adults with mild cognitive impairment). These effects, however, are influenced by several factors, such as the setting in which the training occurs (e.g., supervised or home-based), the type of combined training (e.g., physical-cognitive, motor-cognitive, multi-domain), and the type of comparison/control group utilized. Conclusions: Combining cognitive and physical exercise together in a training program may yield improvements in cognitive function.

Received May 18, 2022; accepted May 30, 2022