Journal of Trainology



December 2021; Vol. 10, No. 2: Pages 25-29

Acute effect of betaine supplementation on muscular endurance during resistance exercise in trained men: a pilot and randomized study

Matheus Dantas, Victor Sabino de Queiros, Tatiane Andreza Lima da Silva, Alana Monteiro Bispo da Silva, Leonardo de Souza Fortes, Jason Cholewa, Anna Luiza Vasconcelos de Oliveira, Breno Guilherme de Araújo Tinôco Cabral


Objective: To analyse the acute effect of betaine supplementation on muscular endurance in weight training practitioners. Design: An experimental, crossover, randomized and double-blind study. Methods: The sample composed of 10 male subjects practicing resistance training (age: 23.71 ± 4.23 years old). Participants performed 2 sessions (i.e., Betaine x Placebo) with 3 sets of repetitions until failure with 70% of 1RM. The participants were provided 3 minutes of recovery between sets and 48 hours between sessions. The 24H food recall was evaluated before each exercise session. Results: There were no significant differences in carbohydrates (p = 0.732), protein (p = 0.684), fat (p = 0.271), or in total energy consumption (p = 0.865). A time effect occurred for the training session (F (2,18) = 54.626, p< 0.0001, η2= 0.859), with a linear reduction in the number of repetitions performed throughout the series for both conditions (1set > 2set > 3set). However, there was no interaction (F (2,18) = 0.625, p= 0.546, η2= 0.065) or condition effect (F(1,9)= 0.045, p= 0.837, η2= 0.005). Conclusion: Acute betaine supplementation had no effect on muscular endurance performance in the bench press.

Received June 13, 2021; accepted December 5, 2021