Journal of Trainology



June 2015; Vol. 4, No. 1: Pages 19-24

The effects of sodium bicarbonate supplementation on a soccer specific conditioning test in division III soccer players

Jason M. Cholewa, David J. Grannis, Daniel A. Jaffe, Lucas Guimarães-Ferreira, Tracy D. Matthews, Vincent J. Paolone


Objectives: This study investigated the performance enhancing effects of bicarbonate ingestion on soccer specific performance. Design: A randomized and double-blinded study. Methods: Division III collegiate male soccer players (N = 7) participated in the study. Participants ingested either an alkaline treatment (.3 g/kg NaHCO3) or placebo (cornflower) 60 min prior to exercise on two separate testing sessions spaced 7 days apart. Distance to fatigue in the Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test Level 2 was used to assess performance. Capillary blood was sampled pre-ingestion (PE), 60 min post ingestion (PI), exhaustion (EX), following 15 min of recovery (RC) and analyzed for lactate ([La-]) and pH. Results: No significant (p > .05) differences between conditions existed for performance. A significant (p < .05) main effect was found for [La-]: values at EX were significantly greater than PE, PI, and RC; however, no interaction (p > .05) existed between time and condition. pH values at PE and PI were significantly greater than EX and RC in both conditions; however, pH was significantly (p < .05) greater at PI than PE in treatment but not placebo. Conclusion: Bicarbonate ingestion increased extracellular buffering capacity but does not appear to enhance shuttle run performance in Division III soccer players.

Received May 7, 2015; accepted June 10, 2015