Journal of Trainology



October 2013; Vol. 2, No. 2: Pages 23-32

Current golf performance literature and application to training

Kimitake Sato, Ian C. Kenny, R. Barry Dale


Objectives: The review paper addresses current interests among golfers emphasizing importance of physical improvement specifically on flexibility, balance and stability, and strength and power. Design: The review paper contains two different perspectives of golf literature, and establishes evidence-based training design. Methods: Golf biomechanics has been investigated scientifically over several decades to identify the vital components of superior golf swing mechanism from various levels of golfers and computer simulations. This paper introduces two aspects of an up-to-date literature; 1) performance-based research on driving/shot performance and its variability, and 2) clinical-based research specifically on low back stress, spinal stabilization mechanism, and trunk/spinal muscular activation. The final part of the paper addresses the appropriate training design for golfers. Results: Both performance and clinical aspects of information are well established to guide evidence-based training for golfers. Conclusion: The recommendations are specifically for flexibility and resistance training to enhance overall physical fitness for golf performance.

Received August 30, 2013; accepted October 8, 2013