Journal of Trainology


Journal of Trainology
ISSN 2186-5264

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Vol. 3, No. 2, 2014

Effects of exercise intensity on perceived exertion during multiple sets of bench press to volitional failure
Vitor L. Silva, Arthur P. Azevedo, Joctan P. Cordeiro, Michael J. Duncan, Jason M. Cholewa; Mário A. Siqueira-Filho, Nelo E. Zanchi, Lucas Guimarães-Ferreira
August 2014; Vol. 3, No. 2: Pages 41-46

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Age-related muscle loss of the anterior and posterior thigh assessed by means of MRI/CT and ultrasound
Takashi Abe, Jeremy P. Loenneke, Robert S. Thiebaud, Mark Loftin
September 2014; Vol. 3, No. 2: Pages 47-52

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A comparison of maximal power clean performances performed from the floor, knee and mid-thigh
Jonathan Kelly, John J. McMahon, Paul Comfort
December 2014; Vol. 3, No. 2: Pages 53-56

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