Journal of Trainology


Journal of Trainology

Current Issue Vol.13 No.1, 2024







ISSN 2186 - 5264

The Journal of Trainology is a peer-reviewed and Open Access journal covering theoretical and practical research on exercise training for improving physical function and sports performance. The Journal recognizes the multidisciplinary nature of the training science and includes material from all of the specialties involved in exercise and physical training research.


T. Abe, Juntendo University (Chief)
Y. Kawakami, Waseda University
J.P. Loenneke, University of Mississippi
N. Mitsukawa, Toyo Gakuen University
K. Sanada, Ritsumeikan University
R.S. Thiebaud, Brigham Young University-Idaho
R.B. Viana, Federal University of Ceará
S.J. Dankel, Rowan University
Editorial Board